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Artec Microphone Blender System (Code AR-HT-MC)

Photo of Artec Microphone Blender System The HT-MC is an onboard blender EQ that blends the sounds from a Condenser Microphone and an under saddle Piezo pickup.

It features a 4 band equalizer - Bass, Middle, Treble & Presence - with Magnetic-Piezo pickup blender, Low battery check LED, Phantom power LED, Phase reverse switch for Anti feedback and Master volume.

It is powered by 9 V battery or 48 V phantom power.

The Microphone controller has two features - Level controller & Sharpness controller for fine control.

BASS controls to adjust the amount of gain at 80 Hz
MIDDLE controls to adjust the amount of gain at 800 Hz
TREBLE controls of gain at 3 kHz
PRESENCE controls of gain at 15 kHz
All controls can be boosted or cut by 12 dB.

  • R 1995.00