Terry Distributors
Suppliers of Musical Instruments, Accessories and Spare Parts
Located in Cape Town, South Africa Tel: 021-7050304

Bandstand Accessories

Cork Grease Keep Your Instrument Protected With This Lipstick Style Grease.
Bore Oil Keep Your Wooden Instrument Moist And To Prevent Cracking.

Champion Accessories

Valve Oil To Lubricate The Valves of Trumpets And Other Brass Instruments
Trombone Aqua Pump Pump Action Plastic Bottle
Slide Oil To Lubricate Trombone Slides

Generation Music Accessories

Oils Slide & Valve Oils

Helin Accessories

Cleaning Materials Brushes, Cloths, Mops, Pullthroughs & Snakes
Straps Saxophone Straps

Jones Accessories

Reeds Bassoon & Oboe Reeds

Joyo Accessories

Metronome/Tuner Clip-on Metronome/Tuner

Rico Accessories

Caps Metal & Moulded Caps
H-Ligatures & Caps Silver & Gold H-Ligatures & Caps
Mouthpieces Graftonite Mouthpieces
Padgards Piccolo Padgards
Reed Cases & Vitalizers Automatic Humidity Control System for Reeds
Reedgards Holders for 2 Reeds
Reeds Grand Concert, Hemke, La Voz, Mitchell Lurie, Plasticover, Reserve,Rico Royal & Select Jazz Reeds
Straps Saxophone Straps

Riyin Accessories

Reeds Bb Clarinet, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax and Tenor Sax Reeds

Talent Accessories

Ligatures Bb Clarinet & Saxophones

Unbranded Accessories

Reeds Oboe

Vandoren Accessories

Cork Grease Tubes of Cork Grease
Ligatures & Caps M/O Ligatures & Caps - Bb Clarinet & Saxophones
Mouthpieces Mouthpieces - Bb Clarinet & Saxophones
Reeds Traditional, V12, 56 Rue Le Pic, Java, Java Red Cut, V16 & ZZ Reeds

William Accessories

Oils Trombone Oil