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Clearance Sale

Augustine Gold Single Classical Guitar Strings
Photo of Augustine Gold Strings 4th String - Sale Price R 25.00 - Normal Price R 50.00 (Code AU-GD4)
5th String - Sale Price R 30.00 - Normal Price R 60.00 (Code AU-GD5)
6th String - Sale Price R 35.00 - Normal Price R 70.00 (Code AU-GD6)
D'Addario Helicore Violin Strings [Sets - Full Size - Heavy, Medium or Light] (Codes DB-H310-4/4L, M & H)
Photo of Helicore Strings Sale Price R 495.00
Normal Price R 995.00
D'Addario Prelude Double Bass Single Strings [3/4 Medium]
Photo of Prelude Strings 611 - G String - Sale Price R 200.00 - Normal Price R 415.00 (Code DB-J611-3/4M)
612 - D String - Sale Price R 220.00 - Normal Price R 445.00 (Code DB-J612-3/4M)
614 - E String - Sale Price R 310.00 - Normal Price R 625.00 (Code DB-J614-3/4M)
D'Addario NS Electric Violin Strings (Code DB-NS310)
Photo of D'Addario NS Electric Violin Strings Sale Price R 420.00
Normal Price R 845.00
Flame Lily Solid Wood Violin [3/4 Size] (Code FL-V21-34)
Photo of Flame Lily Solid Wood Violin Sale Price R 1795.00
Normal Price R 3595.00
Helin Oboe Mop (Code HE-1900)
Photo of Helin Oboe Mop Sale Price R 110.00
Normal Price R 225.00
Rico Piccolo Padguard (Code RI-PDG-PI)
Photo of Rico Padguard Sale Price R 75.00
Normal Price R 155.00
Rico Royal Alto Clarinet Reeds (Box of 10) [#2, #2.5, #3 or #3.5] (Codes RI-RDB1020 Etc)
Photo of Rico Royal Reeds Sale Price R 245.00
Normal Price R 495.00
Superlux Microphone Drum Set (3 Mics) (Code SU-DRK-A3)
Photo of Superlux Microphone Drum Set Sale Price R 720.00
Normal Price R 1445.00
Vandoren Java Soprano Sax Reeds (Box of 10) [#2, #2.5, #3 or #3.5] (Codes VA-SR3020 Etc)
Photo of Vandoren Java Reeds Sale Price R 370.00
Normal Price R 745.00