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Brass & Nickel Flageolets

Photo of Product Generation Brass Flageolets
  • Key of Bb (Code DM-6578) (Price R 260.00)
  • Key of C (Code DM-6580) (Price R 255.00)
  • Key of D (Code DM-6582) (Price R 245.00)
  • Key of Eb (Code DM-6584) (Price R 225.00)
  • Key of F (Code DM-6586) (Price R 200.00)
  • Key of G (Code DM-6588) (Price R 195.00)
Generation Nickel Flageolets
  • Key of Bb (Code DM-6579) (Price R 285.00)
  • Key of C (Code DM-6581) (Price R 275.00)
  • Key of D (Code DM-6583) (Price R 255.00)
  • Key of Eb (Code DM-6585) (Price R 240.00)
  • Key of F (Code DM-6587) (Price R 225.00)
  • Key of G (Code DM-6589) (Price R 220.00)