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Bridges - Electric Guitars

Photo of Product Fixed Strat Bridge
  • Chrome (Code MS-BR20)
  • Black (Code MS-BR29)
Photo of Strat Bushing (Ferrule) for MS-BR20 Strat Bushings (Ferrules) for MS-BR20
  • Chrome (Code MS-BR50)
Photo of Strat Bridge With Tremolo Arm Strat Bridge With Tremolo Arm
  • Chrome (Code MS-BR21)
  • Black (Code MS-BR34)
  • Gold (Code MS-BR27)
Photo of Strat Bridge With Tremolo Arm (Heavy Duty) Strat Bridge With Tremolo Arm (Heavy Duty)
  • Chrome (Code MS-BR55)
Photo of Floyd Rose Tremolo Bridge Floyd Rose Tremolo Bridge
  • Black (Code MS-BR73)
Photo of Product Telecaster Bridge
  • Chrome (Code MS-BR22)
  • Black (Code MS-BR39)
Photo of Product Les Paul Bridge
  • Chrome (Code MS-BR23)
  • Black (Code MS-BR54)
  • Gold (Code MS-BR28)
Photo of Product Locking Nuts (42mm)
  • Chrome (Code MS-BR38)
  • Black (Code MS-BR59)
Photo of Strat Bridge Saddle Strat Bridge Saddles
  • Chrome - 10.5mm String Pitch (Code MS-BR24)
  • Chrome - 10.8mm String Pitch (Code MS-BR58)
  • Black     - 10.5mm String Pitch (Code MS-BR51)
  • Gold       - 10.5mm String Pitch (Code MS-BR35)
Photo of Tremolo Arm Tremolo Arms - Chrome
  • Diameter 5.2mm - Threaded and White Endcap (Code MS-BR56)
  • Diameter 6.0mm - Not Threaded and No Endcap (Code MS-BR25)
Photo of Tremolo Arm Endcap Tremolo Arm Endcaps (Diameter 5.2mm)
  • Black (Code MS-BR57/BK)
  • White (Code MS-BR57/WH)
Photo of Tremolo Spring Tremolo Springs
  • Tension Springs For Tremolo (Code MS-BR26)
Photo of Tremolo Claw Tremolo Claw
  • Claw for Tension Springs For Tremolo (Code MS-BR53)