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Guitar Parts - Potentiometers

Photo of Product Potentiometers - 18mm Shaft
  • A250K Tone, 16mm Diameter (Code MS-PT18)
  • B250K Volume, 16mm Diameter (Code MS-PT19)
  • A500K Tone, 16mm Diameter (Code MS-PT20)
  • B500K Volume, 16mm Diameter (Code MS-PT21)
  • A250K Tone, 24mm Diameter (Code MS-PT22)
  • B250K Volume, 24mm Diameter (Code MS-PT23)
  • A500K Tone, 24mm Diameter (Code MS-PT24)
  • B500K Volume, 24mm Diameter (Code MS-PT25)

  • 250K Control pots are the usual choice for single coil pickups.
  • 500K Control pots are the usual choice for humbucker pickups.
Photo of Product Push-Pull Potentiometers
  • A250K Tone (Code MS-PT26)
  • B250K Volume (Code MS-PT27)
  • A500K Tone (Code MS-PT29)
  • B500K Volume (Code MS-PT28)