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Hidersine Accessories - String Instruments

Photo of Hidersine Rosin Rosins

In 1876 whilst on a research project in London, Dr Hider, a Swiss scientist and keen violinist, introduced a 'new' bowed instrument rosin to a few close friends and players. It was so well received that soon demand outstripped supply. Under great pressure to meet this demand, Dr Hider decided to set up manufacture in East London. Today Hidersine rosin is in demand worldwide and is true to Dr Hider's original recipes.
  • Series 12 Junior - Non-Slip Card Holder, Boxed
  •     Violin - 10g Clear Amber Cake(Code HI-12V)
  •        Price R 120.00
  • Series 3 - On Flannelette, in Protective Metal Case
  •     Violin - 20g Clear Amber Cake (Code HI-3V)
  •     Cello - 20g Clear Amber Cake (Code HI-3C)
  •        Price R 160.00
  • Series 6 Deluxe - On Crimped Flannelette, Boxed
  •     Violin - 30g Black Cake (Code HI-6V)
  •     Cello - 30g - Black Cake (Code HI-6C)
  •        Price R 230.00
  • All Weather - on Nylon Cloth, Boxed
  •     Double Bass - Special Black Rosin (Code HI-6B)
  •        Price R 240.00