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Joyo 4-Band Eq System With Tuner (Code JO-JE-33)

Photo of Joyo 4-Band Eq System With Tuner Features
  • Bass +-12dB at 80HZ
  • Middle +-12dB at 800HZ
  • Treble +-12dB at 3KHZ
  • Presence +-12dB at 15KHZ
  • Low Voltage Alarm
  • A4 Frequency: 440HZ
  • Tuning Range: 1Eb-8C
  • Tolerance +- 1
  • Piezo Pickup
  • Powered by 9V Battery
  • Weight: 70g
  • Dimensions: 95mm(L) 51mm(W) 33mm(H)
  • R 685.00