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Special Offers - September 2018

Folk Guitars
MX-F39 Maxwell 39" Folk Guitars R 985.00
SSA-110-TOSB Savannah Oval Hole Mandolin [Tobacco Sunburst] R 2925.00
FL-V11M-18 Flame Lily Violins - "Matt" Finish [1/8 Size] R 1595.00
FL-V11M-14 Etc Flame Lily Violins - "Matt" Finish [1/4 & 1/2 Sizes] R 1695.00
FL-V11M-34 Etc Flame Lily Violins - "Matt" Finish [3/4 and Full Sizes] R 1795.00
FL-V11DB-44 Flame Lily Violins - Dark Blue [Full Size] R 1995.00
Double Basses
PPVB-004-12 Palatino Double Bass [1/2 Size] R 17845.00
PPVB-004-34 Palatino Double Bass [3/4 Size] R 18695.00
TA-LBH190L Talent Eb Bugle [Clear Lacquer] R 955.00
Bags & Cases
MX-GB6005-36 Maxwell Padded 36" Guitar Bags (5ml Lining) R 245.00
JJCK-400-76 Johnson Keyboard Bag [76 Keys] R 1275.00
MX-GCE Maxwell Electric Guitar Cases R 1295.00
AAFC-013AD AXL High-Density Foam Dreadnought Guitar Case R 2095.00
FLC-LW-CE-44 Flame Lily Foam Cello Case [Full Size] R 3945.00
ST-GTR-A5 "A" Frame Guitar Stand R 150.00
SU-D1 Superlux Table Microphone Stand R 155.00
JO-JGS-01 Joyo A Frame Guitar Stand R 215.00
ST-MIC-S2 Straight Microphone Stand (86-155cm) [Black] R 295.00
ST-MUS-O2 Orchestral Music Stand (Height 49-155cm) R 295.00
YH-CG YH Classic Guitar Strings (Nylon) [Sets] R 70.00
AU-P1356 Augustine Acoustic Guitar Strings (13-56) [Sets] R 235.00
AAPG-920-L Etc AXL Nickel 4 String Bass Guitar Strings [Sets] R 295.00
AAPG-920-ML5 AXL Nickel 5 String Bass Guitar Strings [Sets] R 375.00
DB-KS512 Etc D'Addario Kaplan Solutions Cello Strings [Singles] Less 50%
MXP-CL351H Maxwell Celluloid Picks [Heavy - 0.9mm] R 5.50
SF-101 Etc Sharkfin Picks R 8.50
MXP-FPM Etc Maxwell Finger Picks (Mosaic or Tortoise Shell) R 12.00
MS-GCAP1 Ratchet Guitar Capo (Plastic) [Black] R 20.00
AAPH AXL Pick Holders [Assorted Colours] R 25.00
JO-JCP-01/SL Joyo Quick Change Guitar Capo [Silver] R 70.00
MS-TRG6 6" Metal TriangleWith Striker & Holder R 85.00
HI-12V Hidersine Violin Rosin [10gm] R 100.00
MS-BG15 Wooden Jingle Stick with 21 Bells R 100.00
SU-CFM-1FM Superlux Microphone Cable - 1m XLR-XLR R 105.00
SU-CFM-5FM Superlux Microphone Cable - 5m XLR-XLR R 185.00
SU-CFM-10FM Superlux Microphone Cable - 10m XLR-XLR R 245.00
SU-CFM-20FM Superlux Microphone Cable - 20m XLR-XLR R 385.00
MS-TAM6 6" Wooden Tambourine With 4 Jingles R 110.00
JJHM-508-C Johnson 16 Holes Harmonica [Key of C] R 115.00
HE-3016 Helin "No Haze" Cloth For Silver Instruments R 135.00
JO-JT-11 Joyo Clip-On Backlit Chromatic Tuner R 150.00
MS-PZPUAG Piezo Pickup (Acoustic & Classic Guitars - 69mm) R 165.00
SW-404A/C Swan 24 Holes Echo Harmonica [Key of C] R 165.00
GE-6581 Generation C Nickel Flageolet R 235.00
JO-JT-309 Joyo Clip-on Violin Tuner R 245.00
MS-STRPLK1/BK Guitar Strap Lock System (2 Per Pack) [Black] R 250.00
JO-JA-01 Joyo 2w Mini Guitar Amplifier R 265.00
MXST-G5 Maxwell 60mm Deluxe Velvet Guitar Strap R 295.00
JO-JE-33 Joyo 4 Band EQ With Tuner R 585.00
SW-449 Swan 37 Key Melodika R 595.00
JO-JM-69/BLK Joyo Plastic Metronome [Black] R 675.00
VA-CR1010 Etc Vandoren Traditional Bb Clarinet Reeds [Box of 10] R 675.00
VA-SR2015 Etc Vandoren Traditional Soprano Sax Reeds [Box of 10] R 675.00
VA-SR8125 Etc Vandoren V21 Alto Sax Reeds [Box of 10] R 985.00
JO-JF-09 Joyo Tremolo Pedal R 885.00
JO-JF-16 Joyo British Sound Pedal R 1055.00
AR-AGE-CH Artec 4 Band EQ with Chorus Effect R 1945.00
These specials will be available until the end of this month (while stocks last).