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Jones Accessories - Brass & Wind Instruments

Photo of Jones Bassoon Reed Bassoon Reeds
  • Traditional American Shape, The Finest Cane, Full Tonal Range.
  • 28mm Scrape, 15mm Tip and 56mm overall length and 21 gauge wire.
  •   Medium or Medium Hard (Code JN-201M or JN-201MH)
  •       Price R 725.00
Photo of Jones Oboe Reed Oboe Reeds (European Scrape)
  • Long Scrape, American Style Reeds, Finest Cane with Brass Staple, Excellent Response
  • 7mm Tip, 10 mm Scrape, profile wound on on a 47mm brass tube for a 70mm overall length. A 26 gauge wire is added for the musician to adjust the tip opening to their satisfaction.
  •   Medium Soft or Medium Hard (Code JN-101EMS or JN-101EMH)
  •       Price R 725.00