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Joyo Effects Pedals

"10" Series AC Tone, American Sound, British Sound, California Sound, Classic Chorus, Classic Flanger, Crunch Distortion, Digital Delay, Dynamic Compressor, Extreme Metal, High Gain Distortion, Tremolo, Ultimate Drive, Vintage Overdrive, Vintage Phase, Voodoo Octave & 6 Band Equaliser Pedals

"30" Series A/B Switch, Analog Chorus, Analog Delay, Crunch Deluxe, Hot Plexi, Noise Gate, Pocket Metal, Roll Boost, Sweet Baby & US Dream Pedals

"Ironman" Series (Mini Pedals) AT Drive, Blue Rain, Boogie Master, Bullet Metal, Clean Glass, Future Chorus, Gate of Kahn, Golden Face, Green Legend, Husky Drive, Iron Tone, Little Blaster, Metal Head, Molo Trem, Old School, Orange Juice, Pipe Bomb, Purple Storm, Quattro, Raptor Flanger, Rated Boost, Rushing Train, Space Verb, Time Magic, Wild Boost, Wow Who & Wooden Sound