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Joyo Mini Microphone - For Cell Phones

Plug and Play Mini Microphone.

Superlux Microphones - Professional Quality at an Affordable Price

      Performance Microphones

Vocal and instrument microphones which are well known for their durability and consistency.

We have the following ranges available.

ECO Series
Economically priced microphones with uncompromising sound quality, suitable for beginners.

PRA Series
Standard microphones for stage performance and general purpose.

PRO Series
Using high quality Nd-magnet & dual membrane dome diaphragms, these microphones have high sensitivity and wide extended frequency response.

TOP Series
Designed for contractors, rental companies and touring, they give a proper gain in the 60Hz to 240Hz bandwidth, which makes the low frequency warmer and more solid.

Harmonica Microphone
Hi-Z blues harmonica microphone with unique curves to fit the hands when playing.

      Recording Microphones

Platinum Series
Large diaphragm condenser microphones popular in recording studios as well as prestige stage live sound.

      Wireless Microphone System

Practical Wireless System
Suitable for general PA applications. This system has been carefully designed from the ground up to ensure that a clear and warm vocal will be reproduced and has a highly steady operating distance.


Professional - HD681
A high quality headset with rich bass, crystal clear high resolution and accurate sound field positioning. Suitable for a wide range of tasks, including recording studio monitors, MP3 players, digital audio and any other pro audio applications.

Professional - HD681 EVO
The new upgraded version has a completely new, more slender shape and an improved smoother, more neutral, treble tone. Suitable for stage and studio professionals for a high-quality sound in monitoring headphones.

For further information please visit the Superlux website.