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Awe-In-One "Folk Power" Plectra

Each pick has gauges of .55mm, .80mm & 1.00mm within the same pick. The different materials used result in differences in their stiffness.
Photo of Awe-In-One Folk Power Plectra [Malt] Malt (Nylon) Slightly stiffer than the Melon Folk Power. The hard edge adds more power to your leads on electrics. (Code AW-POW-MA)
Photo of Awe-In-One Folk Power Plectra [Mud] Mud (CelluPlus) A relatively stiff pick for all guitar types and effects pedals. Smooth action, good return and great warm tones. Great for unplugged acoustics too! Get that good grip that is normally not possible with other picks of Delrin material. (Code AW-POW-MU)
Photo of Awe-In-One Folk Power Plectra [Kiwi] Kiwi (FibrePlus) A good pick to unleash some fury. Its maximum gauge is 1.0mm, and it feels light on your hand but heavy in delivery.The Folk Power Kiwi works well with any effects pedal. (Code AW-POW-KI)