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Photo of Rico Reed Case Reed Cases & Vitalizers

The patented Reed Vitalizer Automatic HCS (Humidity Control System) completely eliminates all the guess work and anxiety of maintaining your reeds proper humidity level. Unlike all refillable humidifiers, the Reed Vitalizer HCS provides true "two-way" humidity control since it adds or depletes moisture only as needed to maintain the ideal climate for reeds.

Reed Case For Eight Reeds, Including Vitalizer (73% Humidity)
  • Alto Sax (Code RI-RVCASE02)
  •       Price R 295.00
Reed Vitalizer Kit - Plastic Sealable Pouch Containing Vitalizer (73% Humidity)
  • Reed Vitalizer Kit (Code RI-RV-73)
  •       Price R 140.00
Reed Vitalizer Refill Pack (73% Humidity)
  • Reed Vitalizer Refill Pack (Code RI-RV-73RF)
  •       Price R 80.00