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Augustine Guitar Strings

Augustine strings grace the instruments of the world's finest players. The new addition of phosphor bronze acoustic lines means there is a string for every musical situation. From arenas and concert halls to cafes, Augustine artists make extraordinary music every day with extraordinary Augustine strings. Wherever the compass points.

Acoustic Guitar Strings (Phosphor Bronze)

Photo of Augustine Acoustic Guitar Strings
  • Extra Light - Gauges 11 - 52 (Code AU-P1152)
  • Light - Gauges 12 - 53 (Code AU-P1253)
  • Medium - Gauges 13 - 56 (Code AU-P1356)
  •     Price R 315.00 Per Set

Classic Guitar Strings

Photo of Albert Augustine Blue Strings
  • Black - Classic Trebles, Black Basses (Code AU-BK)
  •     Price R 275.00 Per Set
  • Gold - Classic Trebles, Gold-Plated Basses (Code AU-GD)
  •     Price R 285.00 Per Set
  • Red - Classic Trebles, Red Basses (Code AU-RD)
  •     Price R 315.00 Per Set
  • Blue - Classic Trebles, Blue Basses (Code AU-BL)
  •     Price R 345.00 Per Set
  • Regal Blue - Regal Trebles, Blue Basses (Code AU-RGBL)
  •     Price R 385.00 Per Set
  • Imperial Blue - Imperial Trebles, Blue Basses (Code AU-IMBL)
  •     Price R 415.00 Per Set

Augustine Treble Strings
(Available as Single Strings)
  • Classic Trebles (Codes AU-BL1 Etc)
  •     The Original Guitar Strings - Light Guage
  • Imperial Trebles (Codes AU-IM1 Etc)
  •     Made of a New and Unique Polymer which gives brilliant, projecting sound and clear bell-like tones - Medium Guage
  • Regal Trebles (Codes AU-RG1 Etc)
  •     Made of the Same Material as the Imperial Trebles - Heavy Guage
Augustine Bass Strings (Available as Single Strings)
  • Red Basses (Code AU-RD6)
  •     Wound With a Slightly Thicker Guage of Copper
  • Blue Basses (Codes AU-BL4 Etc)
  •     Wound With the Thickest Guage of Copper

For further information please visit the Augustine website.