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AXL Strings

Acoustic Guitar Strings - Phosphor Bronze

Photo of AXL Acoustic Guitar Strings      
Phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings offer rich, warm tone with brilliant highs and a long life, making these strings a popular choice for a wide variety of players.
  • Extra Light [Gauges 10-47] (Code AAPG-900-XL)
  • Custom Light [Gauges 11-52] (Code AAPG-900-CL)
  • Light [Gauges 12-54] (Code AAPG-900-L)

  • Price R 165.00 Per Set
Bass Guitar Strings - Nickel Plated Steel

Photo of AXL Bass Guitar Strings      
Nickel plated steel strings are factory installed on many brands of guitars because of their brilliant sound, excellent feel and incredible playability.
  • Medium Light [Gauges 45-105] (Code AAPG-920-ML)

  • Price R 345.00 Per Set

  • Medium Light - 5 String [Gauges 45-125] (Code AAPG-920-ML5)

  • Price R 445.00 Per Set