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S.I.T. Strings

Acoustic Guitar Strings - Golden Bronze

Photo of S.I.T Golden Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings      
Cover wrap alloy composed of 80% Copper and 20% Zinc. Sometimes referred to as "brass". Designed for a brighter and more crisp sound out of the pack.
  • Light 12 String [Gauges 10-46] (Code SI-GB121046)
  • Price R 185.00 Per Set

  • Also Available as Single Strings
  •       Golden Bronze [Gauge 26] (Code SI-026GB)

Bass Guitar Strings - Power Wound

Photo of S.I.T Power Wound Bass Guitar Strings      
The top selling bass sets. Nickel Plated cover wrap. Swedish Steel hex core. Round Wound. Long Scale - excellent for all styles of music.
  • Light [Gauges 45-100] (Code SI-NR45100L)
  • Medium Light [Gauges 45-105] (Code SI-NR45105L)
  • Medium [Gauges 50-105] (Code SI-NR50105L)
  • Price R 355.00 Per Set

  • Light 5 String [Gauges 45-125] (Code SI-NR545125L)
  • Price R 495.00 Per Set

Bass Guitar Strings - Power Flat

Photo of S.I.T Power Flat Bass Guitar Strings      
Semi-Flat pure nickel wound long scale. Flatter than half flat, but not quite as flat as a pure flatwound. Smooth to the touch, but still good intonation. Great for use with fretless basses.
  • Light [Gauges 45-100] (Code SI-PF45100L)
  • Medium [Gauges 50-105] (Code SI-PF50105L)
  • Price R 625.00 Per Set

Classic Guitar Strings - Classits

Photo of S.I.T Classits Classic Guitar Strings      
A high quality silver wound, tie-end classical string with precision trebels. Good for all applications.
  • High Tension [Tie End] (Code SI-SCH102T)

  • Available as Single Strings
  •       Nylon [1st, 2nd & 3rd Strings] (Codes SI-C1ST Etc)

Electric Guitar Strings - Power Groove

Photo of S.I.T Power Groove Electric Guitar Strings      
The same technology used in the Power Wound strings, but with a pure nickel cover wrap. This soft alloy produces great feel and intonation, and will really bring out the sound in vintage guitars.
  • Light [Gauges 10-46] (Code SI-PN1046)
  • Price R 145.00 Per Set

Electric Guitar Strings - Power Wound

Photo of S.I.T Power Wound Electric Guitar Strings      
Nickelplated cover wrap over a high tempered hexagon core. This is the most popular and widely used electric guitar set. Good for all different applications and uses. With a mixture of state of the art winding process and Stay in Tune process these are the strings that have made S.I.T strings famous worldwide.
  • Light [Gauges 10-46] (Code SI-S1046)
  • Price R 110.00 Per Set

  • Heavy Bottom [Gauges 10-52] (Code SI-S1052)
  • Price R 115.00 Per Set

  • Light 7 String [Gauges 9-54] (Code SI-S7954)
  • Price R 175.00 Per Set

  • Also Available as Single Strings
  •       Power Wound [Gauges 30, 38, 40, & 48] (Codes SI-030PW Etc)

Banjo Strings

Photo of S.I.T Banjo Strings      
These 4 string banjo sets are specially designed (with stainless wound bases) to be bright and projecting even outdoors and over other band memebers. Being the best choice for your banjo's resonator and crafted construction these strings deliver the tone you're looking for.
  • Tenor 4 String [Gauges 11-28] (Code SI-TB41128)
  • Price R 100.00 Per Set