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M/O Ligatures & Caps

The new M/O Ligature combines the lightweight construction of the legendary Masters Ligature
with the highly efficient tightening of the OPTIMUM Ligature.
- Lightweight
- Easy to set up
- Quick and symmetrical tightening with a unique double-track screw mechanism
- Two small contact points only on the reed with an inverted tightening.
Thus, the M/O Ligature allows an optimum vibration of the reed and a crisp articulation.

Photo of Bb Clarinet M/O Ligature & Cap Bb Clarinet - Silver Plated (Code VA-LC51SP)

  •     Price R 1795.00
Photo of Alto Saxophone M/O Ligature & Cap Saxophones - Gold Plated

  • Alto Saxophone (Code VA-LC57DP)
  •     Price R 1695.00
  • Baritone Saxophone (Code VA-LC59DP)
  •     Price R 1995.00
  • Soprano Saxophone (Code VA-LC56DP)
  •     Price R 1795.00
  • Tenor Saxophone (Code VA-LC58DP)
  •     Price R 1795.00