Terry Distributors
Suppliers of Musical Instruments, Accessories and Spare Parts
Located in Cape Town, South Africa Tel: 021-7050304

Accessories - Guitars

Capos Elastic, Plastic & Steel Guitar Capos
Capos (Joyo) Lightweight Quick Change Guitar Capos
Cleaning Hidersine, Hi-Link & S.I.T. Guitar Polishes
Effects Pedals Joyo Effects Pedals
Effects Pedals Controller Joyo PXL Effects Pedals Controllers
Effects Pedals Power Supply Joyo Power Supply for 10 Pedals
Multi-Effects Processor Joyo Gembox Multi-Effects Processor
EQ Systems & Pickups Artec, Belcat & Joyo EQ Systems & Pickups
Instrument Cables Superlux Instrument Cables
Pick Holders Maxwell Pick Holders
Pickups Other Acoustic Pickups
Pitchpipes Johnson & Sambong Guitar and Chromatic Pitchpipes
Plectra (Picks) Awe-In-One, Johnson, Proline, Sharkfin & S.I.T. Picks
Slides Guitar Slides
Sound Hole Covers Rubber Sound Hole Covers
Straps Maxwell, Proline & S.I.T Guitar & Ukulele Straps
Strap Locks Guitar Strap Locks
String Winders Maxwell String Winders
Tuners & Batteries Joyo Tuners & Metronome/Tuners & 3V CR2032 & 9V Batteries